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Equality for women does not exist for all  of the women,but in particular for those who are born in the 50s and have had their pension stolen without notice.

Throughout their lives they have suffered in equality in promotion prospect, income and job opportunities and have been sidelined because they have family responsibilities They have been denied access to Occupational Pensions, earned less money than their Male colleagues and have therefore have built up smaller Pension pots because they took on caring responsibilities for their children or parents.. Many are now homeless and destitute because they have been robbed of 6 years pension payments of £50,000+ without adequate notice in order to prepare for this change. Many also suffer from severe ill health

ALL LABOUR MP SHOULD  SIGN EDM#81 TO SUPPORT OUR CAUSE. They should also support the case they have taken to the UN

Please also include officail policy to say that if are elected you will support the 3. 8 million women who are affected (our votes count.)

I also feel that Labour should be pushing for all men and women to retire early to free up jobs for the younger generation who have no hope. Men and women in their 60s have already paid their dues and have in most cases already paid 40 to 50 years in NI contributions.

It is actually more cost effective to allow them to retire early than to pay Universal credit to the younger generation who are more likely to have dependants and who need to work.

It would also mean these men and women could take on child caring responsibilities for grandchildren and look after their aging parents.

Labour needs more votes and here is your opportunity to get 3. 8 million women voting for you. This figure will be much higher if men are included in you policy

Dont let the legacy of an ever increasing State Pension Age be passed on to our children and theirs.

Retiring earlier is affordable if you look at the bigger picture, and would be a vote winner. If the ever increasing State Pension Age is not stopped Labour will have failed to protect its grass root supporters and we will be back to the days when very few people lived long enough or were healthy enough to actually enjoy their retirement.

Referring to: Work, Pensions and Equality

The Work, Pensions and Equality Policy Commission is charged with developing Labour’s policy on social security, poverty and equalities.

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