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Dear Sir/Madam, I am an an existing labour member and I have just convinced my daughter to sign up, as a new member, and a thought occurred to me? Why not start a new membership campaign, possibly running up to conference, called "+1 Campaign ". Briefly. Strategy, ask every 'existing ' member to persuade/convince "just one" person to join the Labour Party (+1 ). You may wish to market it as a task, challenge or simple appeal to individual members? (As well as our own MPs, this could involve the usual marketing strategies involving celebrities, outriders and the usual social media activist such as Novara media, Artist taxi driver, Owen Jones, Paul Mason etc. etc. Getting on board and promoting the campaign. As an incentive, you could even give rewards to members who sign new members up? How about a lapel badge? A rose with a plus sign? How about selling Mugs,T'shirts etc. With the "+1" logo on?(there's your logo?).How about a web site with photographs of existing and new members holding up memberships together and forming the + sign with their fingers? The objectives, to double/increase the Labour membership and generate income. Rewards Cost minimal, positive publicity, increased membership and financial benefits to fight any general election that might come up soon. More importantly "unity is strength". Just a thought? For the many not the few! Steve

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The International Policy Commission develops Labour’s international policy. It is responsible for foreign policy, international development, defence and Britain’s future relationship with Europe.

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