A Federalised UK

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It has been clear for some time now, that the current parliamentary and governmental system within the UK is not fit for purpose. We have a Tory government that does not believe in devolution, and continues to concentrate and centralise power in Westminster. Such actions have seen more Scottish people than ever before be in favour of leaving the Union. We all know how damaging leaving the UK could be for Scotland. The loss of money from Barnett consequentials would mean that the SNP would be unable to maintain public spending, and this be forced to pursue an austerity agenda. This is something that nobody should want to see, be it in Scotland, or the UK. The first step to a federalised UK would be to establish a constitutional convention of the regions and nations. A system should be established whereby the current UK Parliament is maintained, but Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, are each given their own Parliaments that have autonomy over a majority of departments. The UK Parliament would maintain authority on defence, foreign policy, and issues of national security. While each area in the UK falls under a local authority, highly urbanised areas should be able to have a Metro Mayor. An example of this is Manchester, or London - where each borough is run by a council, and is brought together by a Mayor who is held accountable by the London Assembly. The UK should also have a codified constitution, with the unelected House of Lords abolished in favour of a Senate of Regions and Nations. This allows for power to be distributed evenly and fairly across the UK, strengthening the Union, and our democracy.

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