Abolish 'NHS Partners Network' & give NHS employees a say in running the NHS

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[Due to word limit I have had to split this into parts A & B so please view both]


[Part A]


I propose the following 10 changes in order to re-build the NHS:


1) Commit to not only shut down the 2006 the pseudo-privatisation vehicle 'NHS Partners Network' but also begin reversing the process 'NHS Partners Network' has instigated in the NHS (i.e. force out all private sector delivery of NHS operations).


What is the 'NHS Partners Network'? It's a 2006 creation of the Blair government in which is a loose alliance of private sector and not-for-profit healthcare companies delivering the first wave of independent sector treatment centres (ISTCs) and the network is made up of 11 partners from key providers including Bupa.


Furthermore one of reasons why private sector members of 'NHS Partners Network' are able to out-bid/undercut NHS Trusts in delivery of operations (e.g. cancer treatment) is because many private sector firms use 'insecure labour' practises (e.g. 'Zero Hours Contracts') as those private sector firms are absolved of NHS pay directives (hence why foodbank use amongst NHS employees is growing?).


Another factor is that NHS Trusts have to pay VAT for their employees whilst private hospital are absolved of VAT thereby simultaniously bankrupting NHS Trusts (i.e. it's public sector rival) whilst enriching private hospitals at the same time. 


And here's the kicker about the 'NHS Partners Network' around 2006 the then head of the Unison union (Karen Jennings?) predicted that the introduction of the 'NHS Partners Network' would enable price bilking of the NHS on an industrial scale. Well in the year of 2019 this is exactly what has happened and is one of the reasons why so many NHS Trusts are in debt.


You know what makes the 'NHS Partners Network' worse? It makes the idea of 'competitive tendering process' nonsense by granting rent-seeking (e.g. price bilking) private companies five-year contracts, with guaranteed incomes (as if there's a risk of NHS not being bailed out?), and now some Primary Care Trusts face financial meltdown because they been forced because of free-market dogma to use private providers at the expense of the NHS.


2) Commit to abolishing 'independent sector treatment centres' (ISTCs) which when first introduced (in 2003?) Blair promised would only serve 10% of NHS patients but now serves considerably more.


3) Investigate whether the large presence of equityfund 'investors' in private sector companies involved in both the 'NHS Partners Network' as well as in the independent sector treatment centres (ISTCs) means there are more 'Carillion' type companies operating/providing NHS services then they in the local government sector due to the equityfund industry practise of ladening those private sector companies with debt like they do in the corporate sector.


Why do I propose this?


Because it's a well known equityfund industry practise that whenever the company they 'invested' in can no longer guarantee a high enough profit return those equityfund 'investors' (AKA 'asset-strippers') would eventually force (due to large equityfund presence on the executive boards of those firms?) those companies to go into debt in order to pay those equityfund 'investors' their annual dividend & once those companies can't go into further debt anymore in order to pay those dividends those equityfund investors pull out and the state is forced to step in order to bail them out.


[Please see part B]

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