Addressing in-work poverty and working-age inequality

This is the consultation document "Addressing in-work poverty and working-age inequality" produced by the Work, Pension and Equality Policy Commission.

You can download the document to read and to discuss with other members and supporters.


Tips on submitting your ideas

You do not need to answer every question, nor is there any specific way to answer them. We suggest picking the questions most important to you and using them as a guide to write a few lines or paragraphs on what you think about the issues in this area.

What happens to my submission?

The responses we receive will go to the Work, Pension and Equality Policy Commission who discuss all submissions. The outcome of these discussions is the Annual Report. Once agreed by the National Policy Forum this report goes to Annual Conference and is voted on.

When does the consultation close?

Please send your ideas before the consultation period ends, it runs until Sunday 24 June 2018.

Latest submissions Make a submission

You can play a part in shaping Labour policy by sharing your ideas in a submission. This will be considered by the relevant Policy Commission as part of our open and democratic policy making process.

You can also join the debate by reading other people's submissions here and responding with your own comments.

Find out more about how to make submissions and Labour’s policy making process here.

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