Brexit Referendum.

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I voted to remain (one of the few in Rotherham) but to get Labour in government I understand you need to appeal to leavers however I'm not sure that you are doing that with the second referendum as it stands.

I believe the only fair referendum on brexit that would be accepted by everyone would have 2 questions:

1) Do you still want to leave?

2) If we are to leave which is the preferred future arrangement: the Labour deal,  the May deal or the Boris's deal?

Then everyone has a say on if we leave and the type of deal we leave with from the ones on offer.

I don't want the Boris or May deal but many leavers have these opinions and by only offering the Labour deal as an option you alienate these people and they could well vote Tory even if their loyalty was previously Labour.

I fully believe that if we still vote to leave almost all remainers would vote for the closest deal to the EU (the Labour deal) which means that this would still be the most likely outcome even if the other deals were offered. 

So that's my opinion I hope you take this on board maybe even ask brexit supporters you meet during your campaign if this is an option they would support.

Good look with the campaign and election hope to see you in No.10 for Christmas. 





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