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Dear sir

Many shops are card payment only. I believe this is discriminating against those who do not have a bank account and therefore do not have a debit or may not have a credit card. Many people are paid their benefits into a post office account which does not provide debit cards. It is wrong that the government guidelines are card payments when they know full well many people do not have these means of paying and some with disabilities even have issues using cards and remembering pin numbers etc. Contact less is problematic for some as they may lose or forget where they have put them leaving them susceptible to theft. I myself was unable to get a car for a key worker from a garage as it was card only and my cards had been cancelled due to fraudulent transactions on my cards and I was awaiting new ones. It seems as though no one in parliament has thought about how this advice would affect people and discriminate against many. I hope you can help the many people who are having problems with making payments in shops and other places that are card only and stop these shops discriminating against those who do not have or are unable to obtain a bank debit or credit card. 

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