Changes to Carers allowance rules

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A change in how earnings while being a carer are worked out.

Currently there is an arbitrary amount of money a person can earn before they lose that weeks carers allowance. Nobody claims carers allowance to get rich & the saving to the state isn't reflected in the amount paid. This arbitrary amount takes no account of well paid work or the number of hours actually worked. Someone working 25 hours on minimum wage & looking after a family member of 35 hours or more would not receive carers allowance. Yet it is completely plausible to be able to work 60 hours a week. Why are those trying to work & looking after someone being penalised? Yes if a person works 38 hours then claims they do a further 35 hours of home care may not be sustainably able to keep that up & may be not doing the said care. What if a person does 10 hours paid at £50 per hour, they too should not automatically be docked their carers allowance, it's quite obvious if a person of that earning capability isn't claiming cares allowance to get rich either as they'd earn more working instead of doing the care. 

My proposal is to change the rules from an arbitrary amount of money & instead set a maximum number of hours a person can work which is plausible to the total number of hours a person could reasonably work fulltime plus over time. Other factors could be considered such as length of shifts & time away from the person being cared for, number of days worked I.e 3 12 hour night shifts would still be plausible a person can do 35 hours of care over the other 4 days & night.

Referring to: Work, Pensions and Equality

The Work, Pensions and Equality Policy Commission is charged with developing Labour’s policy on social security, poverty and equalities.

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