Communities need a constitution based on democracy and equality

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Through the Platinum Jubilee events, Labour has thanked the Queen for having given 70 years of service to the nation in the way that she felt appropriate.

Labour, however, should not simply assume that, following her reign, our constitutional arrangements must remain the same: the monarchy both reflects and influences the nature of our society and consequently the strength of our communities. The future of the monarchy should be considered in the light of Labour's mission to deliver a society based on fairness and democracy and in which everyone is treated with equal respect.

Labour should therefore be prepared to consult its members on what form of head of state would best serve its purposes, noting that:

• Hereditary privilege and wealth are incompatible with Labour's values of democracy and greater equality;

• The monarchy symbolises a society in which rank and status are important – the sort of society which Labour was formed to overturn;

• With a constitutional change, it is likely that all who are now electors will live the rest of their lives with white, male, Anglicans as their monarchs;

• Polling shows that about as many Labour voters want the monarchy abolished (43%) as want it retained (44%), and that is before debate on alternatives has even begun;

• There is a need to form a new relationship with Commonwealth countries which want to remove the British monarch as their head of state, in part because of the institution's former links with slavery and colonialism.

Although Labour may not be ready to take a position on the future of the monarchy, it must accept the need for a review of our constitution, and that review must address the question of where sovereignty lies and whether we are citizens or subjects.

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