Democracy in the United KIngdom Today

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The paper seeks to achieve a fairer and more equal Parliamentary system in Westminster, particularly the House Of Commons.

The paper begins with a brief history of the Westminster Parliament from Victorian times up to the present shambles.

I then propose the adoption of a modified version of the Jenkins proposals which is very much more proportional than his, and anticipated the working together of various left-leaning parties, such as the the Green Party, and the, now reformed, Liberal Democrats, as well as independent MP's. We must all work together, for the wellbeing of all, and the ending of Neo-Liberalism which is destroying so many peoples lives.

My approach is based on many of the same ideas that I described in my previous proposal on taxation, and am a Fellow of the Schumacher Institute in Bristol which particularly studies the understanding gained from systems theory..

Referring to: Justice and Home Affairs

The Justice and Home Affairs Policy Commission examines Labour thinking on issues such as policing, the justice system, immigration and asylum, and political and constitutional reform.

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