Employment Tribunal Fees

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Despite being ruled unlawful in 2017 by the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Justice have now indicated that they intend to bring back employment tribunal fees. It should be part of the Labour party policy that employment tribunal fees will not be reintroduced, as they are a barrier to access to justice.

Andrew Walker QC, chairperson of the Bar Council, said: "People in need of justice have enough hurdles to overcome already.

"Many of those who need employment tribunals have been unfairly dismissed or discriminated against. It is disappointing that the government is yet again spending time working out how to charge them to bring such claims, particularly in the absence of legal aid for most of these claims.

"This can only serve to undermine yet further the rights of those with legitimate grievances against their employer."

He added: "Justice is not a service bought by individuals for their private benefit, nor should it be treated in this way. An accessible and effective justice system is crucial for the whole of society, underpinning all of our economic and social relationships.

"While modest fees may be permissible in principle, so long as full access to justice is maintained, a 'user must pay' philosophy is not."

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