Environment, Energy and Culture

The Environment, Energy and Culture Policy Commission is tasked with leading Labour’s policy development on the environment, food and rural affairs, energy and climate change, and culture, media, the creative industries, tourism, heritage and sport.

The members of the Policy Commission are drawn from the National Policy Forum, the Shadow Cabinet and the National Executive Committee. Its membership reflects all parts of our movement, including Labour party members, affiliated organisations and elected politicians.


This Commission’s consultation is on the issue of ‘A Greener Britain’. This topic allows the Commission to consider timely issues such as the future of agriculture, fisheries, environmental protections and wide-reaching targets currently set at a European level. The consultation will also build on the election manifesto aims of ensuring a 60 per cent renewable or zero-carbon energy by 2030, prioritising climate change action, tackling air quality and environmental stewardship.

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Priority Issue Documents