CCC letter to Michael Gove

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The Committee on Climate Change has sent a letter to Michael Gove at DEFRA.

The text is on the CCC website.

The key points are:

No progress on reducing UK Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture has been made over the past 6 years.

Land use and forestry - the net carbon sequestration level has decreased, due to the aging profile of the forests and the low level of new tree planting.

The climate change risks are increasing across a number of areas, including the condition of the farmed countryside and the upland peatlands.

CCC Priorities for future action

Maintain existing protections provided by EU Directives, regulations and measures that are known to be working.

Measures to improve the performance of the least productive and highest emitting farms are required.

Focus government funding to agriculture and forestry on the delivery of public goods.

Increase R&D and innovation funding.

Help to encourage consumers to make better food choices, to provide better nutrition and reduced carbon food products, e.g. lower red meat and dairy.


I am sure that we all look forward to his response.

W R Livingston









Referring to: Environment, Energy and Culture

The Environment, Energy and Culture Policy Commission is tasked with leading Labour’s policy development on the environment, food and rural affairs, energy and climate change, and culture, media and sport.

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