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Until large numbers of working class people realise the media is forever conning them it is going to be almost impossible for a left wing Labour government to win power. The 10 million plus who voted Labour in the recent election must start disabusing people they know of the lies and deceit of the rich. To my mind the primary way of doing this is simply through talking to people we know who are working class but voted tory, brexit party or any other party who don't have their interests at heart. 

They must be informed that the reason they hate Corbyn and voted brexit is because the media wants them to through their endless falsehoods and manipulation. They must understand the likes of the BBC, sky news, itv news and almost all the papers are owned and controlled by millionaires and billionaires who simply don't want change and don't want to part with a penny more in tax. They are only peddling lies for their own benefit and certainly not the benefit of the working class. 

The people must understand that the media tries and succeeds in falsely scaring them. They can make people think that white is black and night is day. It must be understood that it's paramount to know who you can and can't trust. Unfortunately the likes of Piers Morgan are trusted because they speak with such confidence but people must question what their agenda is. Obviously platforms like twitter and Facebook can be used to help fight mendacity but I really think actual face to face conversations are our number one weapon. People need to know they are being controlled and used just for their vote. They are doing the bidding of the rich and they don't know it. It's up to the 10 million of us to start to turn the tide. 

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