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Just a few thoughts on the above subjects which I have not heard being publicised by the LABOUR PARTY yet, although I may have missed them, here goes.

The present government is signing contracts to buil two new nuclear electricity generating stations in the north west, This apparently is to take bullions of pounds steling and as I understand it, 'wet your finger and stick it in the air' number of years. There will of course be an ongoing monetry and envitonmental  cost to these power staions that is security  of fuel used and disposal of that fuel when its life span ends, the extra security patrols to keep the sites safe, etc.

Nowhere in the LABOUR PARTY litrature have I seen an alternative  power source mentioned, that is GEOTHERM generation, has anyone in the lLABOUR PARTY even considered this alterna tive, looked at the costs, and whether it could be applied to the existing site?

The other thought is this HS2 rail link, what a disasterous idea that is from a government that keeps telling us we are world leaders in technology and the try to make victorian technology go faster.

Here is an idea, what bout getting engineers together from the building trades and mechanical eninerringindustry talk to the German engineers who built the Chinese MAGLEV and then talk to the CHinese who do run such a train then think about building a track over the existing motorwy, no need to evict as many home owners and could maybe built at a lower cost, and tell the country wht the advantages are seen to be,and forgoodness sake forget about COMMERCIAL CONFIDENTIALITY competition is in the words of the right in politics 'good for business' so lets see some of this good around the place.

Anyone out there listening or reading?


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The Environment, Energy and Culture Policy Commission is tasked with leading Labour’s policy development on the environment, food and rural affairs, energy and climate change, and culture, media and sport.

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