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1.Make any foreigner working in the NHS automatically eligible for a working visa.

2. Reinstate the bursaries for Nurses/other healthcare professionals.

3. Remove the fees for medical degrees and re-instate grants on the proviso that anyone training in the NHS have to work for the NHS for at least 5 years after they qualify.

4. Bring in legislation to protect (reward?) whistleblowers.

5. Create a central fund for paying the victims of medical negligence to remove the threat of court action from overworked Dr's, reduce the amount of unproductive CYA work (like elective caesarian sections) and reduce the professional insurance fees Dr's have to pay. This will also have the benefit of eventually reducing the amount the NHS pays out in medical negligence claims to private law firms and allowing patients with life changing damage to get their compensation sooner rather than later without having the stress of a court case. (Like New Zealand system)

6. Remove the accounts system that increases staff workloads without benefiting anybody, and replace with a simple budget for each hospital/GP surgery/CCG/ICP/ACO/region with extra payments for poor areas with poor health and large elderly populations.

7. Make provision for looking after the health and welfare of NHS staff - decent pay, food, working hours, health checks, support for healthier living choices e.g. giving up smoking. (Rule 1 of caring - you can't give from an empty vessel so to have a caring profession we need to care for our carers).

8. Remove the need for lots of patient checks e.g. Blood pressure which achieve very little except disturb the patients sleep and add to staff workloads.

9. Charge private healthcare companies subcontracting to the NHS a fee for using the NHS logo and for additional administration costs.

10. Join up services to reduce waste of resources and staff and patient time eg. the mamography service in Merseyside do not communicate with their Breast Cancer treatment services so I was called for a national screening mamogram during treatment for breast cancer. This put the fear of god into me - I thought something had gone wrong with my treatment. The staff said it happens all the time, they didn't give me a scan and just stood around chatting until the next patient turned up.

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