Introduce a UK version of FDR's "Second Bill of Rights" in the next Labour manifesto

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This is a long post that I have split into 2 parts.


Part A.


In 1944 FDR suggested (see first link) that he planned to introduce a 'economic bill of rights' as a way of ensuring equality in society after the second world war ended. These rights included the guarantee of employment (e.g. to work), leisure and enough income to support a person, farmers right to a fair income, freedom from unfair competition (for SMEs?) & monopolies (for consumers & SME suppliers?), social housing & social care as well as medical care along with education. Unfortunately FDR didn't live long enough to introduce this piece of legislation but it has still remained a unfulfilled radical ambition.


I propose that a future Labour government introduced a UK version of that 'economic bill of rights' which includes (inspired as it is by the original FDR version) the following:


1) Introduction of a 'Universal Basic Service' composed of the 8 pillars of - NHS (that has it's own non-profit data analytics & pharmaceutical company which uses a 'Open Research & Open Patents' system which UK universities can contribute to?), National Education Service, National Care Service, 'Universal Baby Bond' (which pays someone from infancy to them leaving high school according to their parent's income & the region they were born into - e.g. lowest income group paid a £1K per year & richest income £50 per year, poorest region getting £1K per year & richest income £50 per year) scheme, Social Housing Access, UBI, green 'Universal Job Guarantee' programme (e.g. planting trees, habitat restoration, creation of a 'edible landscape' - similar to FDR's "civilian conservation corp" project), 'universal public transport access' - see second link below).


2) Limit payment of 'minimum wages' only to SMEs but UK-based corporations required to pay a 'living wage' as well as the re-introduction of a 10% tax rate for all salaries under £18K & a 0% tax for those earning under £12K.


3) Creation 'Social Wealth Fund' that pays out UBI. Financed how? Require all PLCs registered on the London Stock Exchange to deposit 1% of their company's share in a 'national share depository' & then use the dividend payments from that 'national share depository' to both create a 'sovereign wealth fund' & to pay out UBI to all citizens registered on the electoral register.


4) Introduction of a 37 hour week & that bank holidays become addition to a person's 4 week holiday package rather then being pre-included in that 4 week package.


5) Introduction of usury laws & encouragement of 'debt forgiveness'.


6) Creation of a 'participatory economy' as well as a 'bottom-up' approach to infrastructural & industrial development along with the introduction of a 'Bayh-Dole Act' (see the 3rd link by my brother).


7) Requirement for local governments to regularly survey & provide & convert disused public buildings into 'rent controlled' business premises and 'roof markets' for local small & micro businesses as well as both 'hackerspaces' & local small farmers.


8) Free fruit, milk & breakfast for all primary age pupils which local regional SME farmers given preference to supply that food.


9) Guaranteed access to 'green spaces' that have native wild plants & wild life (including small re-wilded creatures?).


10) Creation of regional public (user & front-line employee controlled?) energy companies as well as commitment to not only 'carbon-neutral' homes but also the capture & recycling (e.g. lavatory flushes) of rainwater.


Now see part B.

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The Economy, Business and Trade Policy Commission develops Labour's economic and business policy, including industrial strategy and international trade.

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