Introduce radical democratic accountability to UK constitution, civil service, the parliamentary Labour party as well as the private sector

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[Due to word limit I have had to split this into 3 parts so please view them all as they all inter-linked!]


[Part 1]


Both Brexit & the 'gender pay gap' report for the private sector have exposed shocking levels of dysfunctionality in the UK constitution (e.g. what right parliament & executive have with regards to Brexit), the civil service & the UK private sector (e.g. huge difference in salaries for women, we still don't know whether the pay gap for BAME employees is even greater).


Furthermore the mission to greater 'gender & racial equality' in the Labour parliamentary party has still not be completed (e.g. though the PLP has many minority women within it the PLP, besides a few exception, doesn't seem to have many BAME men).


To address these issues I propose the following:


1) Have Labour begin (i.e. right now) creating plans for the UK to have a written constitution (that has 'separation of power' clauses & abolishes the 'Privy Council' & the 'City of London' as political institutions? See Tony Benn's proposal on this in link below) just like every other democracy has as well as the type of voting system (e.g. AV or Roy Jenkin's old proposal for AV + PR) it would like to introduce to replace the dysfunctional FPTP (i.e. First Past The Post) voting system.

2) Require the top three civil service Cabinet positions (e.g. Cabinet Secretary, Head of the Home Civil Service & Permanent Secretary to Number 10) in the UK to become fixed 10 year term limited positions (i.e. after 10 years the holder of this position must automatically be promoted or retired), however require that once the top two most senior civil servant retires (i.e. Cabinet Secretary & Permanent Secretary to Number 10) their number 3 (Head of the Home Civil Service?) automatically succeeds the Cabinet Secretary position but require that the successors to the number 2 & number 3 positions (i.e. Permanent Secretary to Number 10 & Head of the Home Civil Service) be chosen by the Prime Minister (on the recommendations of a joint committee headed by his academic advisors & leadership team) from amongst the senior civil servants that already have a Cabinet position (e.g. Home Office/Treasury/Foreign Office/MoD/Health).

3) Investigate whether the senior layer of the UK civil service (i.e. the Cabinet Secretaries) need to have their constitutional roles reformed (e.g. whether services provision & implementation, and regulation of social & economic activities, should be predominantly controlled by democratically elected officials as much as possible) to make them both more democratically accountable as well as their operating procedures more transparent.


4) Introduce a 'lottery system' of 'fast-tracking promotion' of young (i.e. under 35) gifted female or BAME civil servants who are policy specialists in their subjects (e.g. environmental/economic/social/health policies), & have successfully introduced technical innovations that have materially benefited the average members of public & their department, to management positions or senior technical advisory roles of their department.


Also investigate whether a 'talent pool' of those female/BAME civil service specialists can be created for promotion to Cabinet Secretary roles by 2030.


5) Investigate how the Ministerial code can be reformed so greater democratic accountability & transparency (as well as to ensure consistent adherence to ethical behaviour?) can be introduced.


[See part 2]

Referring to: Justice and Home Affairs

The Justice and Home Affairs Policy Commission examines Labour thinking on issues such as policing, the justice system, immigration and asylum, and political and constitutional reform.

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