Is the current additional, “clamp down,” in Oldham really necessary ?

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For me it is uneccery;  although since I can't afford a £100 fine I have to comply, but such compliance is becoming ever more grudging and resented.

If we had more confidence in and respect for our council and in our councillors it might be less so

Most people I know regard the increased mortality rate among the Asian population, (being cited as one of the main reasons for the new measures,) as being primarily behavioural and due to nothing more than that most Asian families in Oldham live in the same households in closer knit, multi generational family units, (and the council will not pay to move the older and most vulnerable family members into to better and more effectively controlled, "safer," environments such as temporary care home accommodation or even hotels.) It's not rocket science.

As far I'm concerned the whole lock-down fiasco has pretty much gone past it's sell by date now, most normally healthy people won't be that badly affected by it even if they get it and those in the higher risk groups can take any additional precautions as necessary and it's typical of Oldham Council that they're now milking it, (as much for publicity and maybe funding and possibly for fines as from any real concern for the people of Oldham.)

It seems only a matter of time now before we have social distancing enforcement officers imposing spot fines and and similar novelties and as several people I know have already commented they've wanted to do this kind of stuff for a long time and the Corona Virus has simply been the latest excuse to clamp down on the exercise of basic freedoms of movement and of association.

Whilst the risk is real; the mortality rate, (about 6-8 per 10,000,) it's simply is not that high among normally healthy people and the measures needed to protect those people who are most at risk are relatively straightforward and mostly just common sense.

This is simply and typically so Oldham Council making a huge song and dance about stuff that won't cost them any money whilst completely ignoring measures that would be far more effective, (and would inconvenience and irritate the rest of us far less,) but which they might have pay for ?

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