MPs and peers express alarm at PM’s appointment of Fiona Bruce MP as Special Envoy on Freedom of Belief

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Over 20 MPs and peers from across both Houses have written to the Prime Minister regarding his recent appointment of Fiona Bruce MP as his Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief. The letter, organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Humanist Group, calls on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ensure Ms Bruce adopts an inclusive approach in her new role, including upholding the right to freedom of belief for the non-religious and for women and LGBT+ people, given her concerning record across these areas.

Ms Bruce was appointed the Special Envoy in late December. Humanists UK expressed alarm at her appointment given her record of seeking to undermine the right to freedom of belief of the non-religious, women's, and LGBT people.

For example, she has worked to block the teaching of humanism in the curriculum, signed an EDM calling on the House of Commons to encourage people to pray to be 'closer to God', chairs the 'Pro-Life' APPG, which seeks to deny women freedom of conscience in abortion, and voted against the decriminalisation of abortion in Nothern Ireland, and against giving same-sex couples the civil right to marriage, in 2019.

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