My experience in tackling knife crime

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I have seen first hand the causes and effects of knife crime on the youth today, the issues all stem from the same things, young people are dragged into gang life at a young age due to been in poverty, they lose hope in trying at school because if it doesn’t work for them they get left behind, they then end up getting more involved with gangs, a lot of them then start carrying knifes for protection, and they aren’t scared of the police as they know they won’t show up as there isn’t enough of them, and even if they do they know they will be thrown back into the same situation after prison as before so they don’t lose anything, this is why, from my experience what needs to be done is a special fund needs to be created to tackle knife crime, it needs to give children in poverty free activities and skills to learn to keep them off the street, it needs to focus money on those people in our schools who are been left behind without hope, it needs to train police officers to better treat young people carrying knifes as a mental health issue alongside a criminal matter and there needs to be special units focused on this with that training, and the prison system should get some of the fund to educate and give a skill to the people who will go back to the same life after prison otherwise the issue will get worse and worse and there isn’t an end, thanks

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