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There is a private members bill to restore our NHS to its former public state, after more than 25 years of legislation by governments, (incuding New Labour under Blair), to sell it off to private companies. If you are serious about reversing privatisation, then get rid of the businessmen at the top, and take nurse training out of universities! It is not enough to restore bursaries, that merely perpetuates the skewed thinking which has caused thousands of needless deaths from dehydration, starvation, hospital bugs, injection, (old people), and lack of compassionate care. Though hospital equipment is more technical, NURSING is NOT!!  It is a vocation, and should be an apprenticeship served IN HOSPITALS, NOT UNIVERSITIES!! WE ARE NOT AMERICA!! Listen to scientists, who decided long before I entered nursing in 1960, that at 65 degrees Farenheit, 18 degrees Centigrade, Viruses and  Bacteria DID NOT REPRODUCE, THEY STAYED STATIC, thus preventing all the illnesses which now proliferate in every hospital. Shame on you for allowing it, and for allowing Blair to scrap the commitment tp PUBLIC OWNERSHIP, which has led to the present situation. Stop saying that nursing is more technical, THAT IS A LIE, perpetrated by those who do not care about our NHS, and DO NOT treat us (retired nurses) as silly old women who don't know what we are talking about. WE DO, better than you do!!!! Also, restore Health Authorities, who always oversaw each hospital, and prevented the situation we now have, when hospitals, (run by businessmen not Matrons), are regularly now given bad ratings, including our 3 hospitals, in Rochdale, Oldham and Manchester. It has become a postcode lottery, as to whether we get decent treatment or not. REVERSE the way dentists are paid, to restore dental treatment for all. It is a disgrace that so many have gone private, depriving the poorest of treatment on the flimsiest of excuses.My younger daughter has, with her husband and children, been taken off her dentist's list, simply because she could not take her Asperger's son every 3 months. She received no notification until she rang after several months, to find out why she had not received a reminder to book an appointment. The whole system needs top down reorganisation, URGENTLY.

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The Health and Social Care Policy Commission develops Labour policy and thinking on areas including the future of the NHS, mental health, public health and social care.

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