Northern Ireland and Immigration

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I am a protestant but realise that the troubles started in Northern Ireland when the protestants were favoured at the expense of the catholics e.g. two thirds of the council houses in Derry being given to the protestants, even though two thirds of the inhabitants were catholics. Also, we must remember that the protestant population i=there is immigrant i.e. they are descended from poople who moved there from Britain.  However, as catholics have more children than protestants , there will eventually be a catholic  majority there - despite the fact that borders were originally fiddled to  make a protestant majority.  Ireland has only one rugby team and it should eventually have only one government,  but with powers substantially devolved  to Northern Ireland , as hapens in Scotland. When the Good Friday agreement was made,  Britain said that it had no stategic interest there politically or economically , so Boris Johnson needs to be reminded of this when he speakss of  Norther Ireland as an integral part of Britain. The future of Ireland (and of Britain too) is destined to be federal, as in Germany and the United States etc.

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