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The following motion was agreed at an all-member meeting of the Oxford & District Labour Party on 8 October 2021 with 63% in favour, 26% against and 11% abstaining.


This AMM notes:

• the recent attacks on indigenous people across historic Palestine - including intensification of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and escalation to murderous violence by both the Israeli state and armed lynch mobs
• the existence of the Apartheid Free Zones campaign, which promotes the creation of spaces of proactive solidarity with the Palestinian people

This AMM calls upon Oxford City Council to:

• declare Oxford an Apartheid Free Zone
• ensure that no council money is spent on products or services provided by Israeli companies
• encourage partner and local organisations to declare themselves Apartheid Free Zones and ensure their money is not spent on products or services provided by Israeli companies
• adopt polices that will end any relationships (commercial, cultural, sporting or academic) with any organisations with links to illegal Israeli practices such as settlements and the oppressive regime of military occupation.

This AMM calls on the Labour leader to:

• demand an end to the two-way arms trade between the UK and Israel

This AMM instructs the EC to:

• communicate our wishes to city and county council, local councillors and MPs, and to local NEC members
• invite a speaker from the local Palestine Solidarity Campaign to give a talk to a future AMM

Referring to: International

The International Policy Commission develops Labour’s international policy. It is responsible for foreign policy, international development and defence.

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