Pregnancy coronavirus impact

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My cousin after 3 miscarriages finally became pregnant when she got to full-term January 2019 she became extremely ill with a virus and ambulance was called and she was taken into Watford General Hospital to find out that she was diagnosed with Covid and put into isolation she wasn’t allowed any visitors and her doctors and nurses were in PPE before that they would see her due to this fact they gave her her Caesarian section and a healthy baby was born however. Once home and due to my cousin health she was put into isolation by her doctors and told not to see anybody. She had food left at her doorstep and I visited this along with a newborn baby her first her partner decided he didn’t want anything to do with it so she was left completely alone. Basically for almost a year they saw very few people her daughter was given no health checkups or visits and it became pretty obvious in 2020 that there was something wrong with her eyesight and yet still there was no help now watching videos of her she also looks to have autistic tendencies and perhaps a hearing problem what I want to see, is an enquiry into the health of these children there are now two-year-olds and how it has delayed development and how other conditions have been missed due to not being seen by health visitors.

Referring to: Early Years, Education and Skills

The Early Years, Education and Skills Policy Commission looks at issues relating to children’s wellbeing, development and care, as well as education training and skills from childhood through adulthood.

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