Small business is not protected by labour

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Labours proposal to increase corporation tax appears based on an assumption that all companies are created equal and that business owners are the 'haves' and workers (i.e. NHS) are the 'have nots.  We have a very small business.  We have seen relative pay cuts in recent years having been driven down in cost by the increasing culture of large scale companies/contractors monopolising the market over the time we have had the business (so we as well as being a business we too are the victims are large scale corporations).  We work 70 hours a week to keep the business going, we do not receive/have no right to pension contributions, sick pay, holiday pay, large scale payout on retirement.  We can't take time off sick, so we look after our health with the addedd benefit we prevent being a drain on the health service.  But we have also generated work for others (to maintain bread and butter contracts) and so further support the economy.  Friends in jobs in the public sector have seen pay rises, receive 6 months full pay sick pay, have 7 weeks holiday, 'work at home' (are far less accountable).  We rarely take lunch breaks as every bit of time we are not working means we do not get paid. We are 100% accountable.   However Labour are interested only in 'workers rights'.  We are the hardest of workers but we also pay corporation tax and so it seems to me that in Labour's eyes we are considered the enemy, greedy and exploitative. I hope you can see that we simply cannot support any party/policy which hits us further and if one were to be implemented we will take our skills elsewhere as there is simply so long a person can take being taken advantage of.  

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The Work, Pensions and Equality Policy Commission is charged with developing Labour’s policy on social security, poverty and equalities.

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