Tax relief for Good Landlords?

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I am a Tax Technician (Qualified with the ATT) based in Poole and I have had quite a few clients openly complain and raise their concerns about the idea of a Jeremy Corbyn lead government due to their belief of the Labour party will punish all landlords.

I do not share their concerns (obviously) as I am of the opinion, based on what I have heard key labour MP's, state that they wish to combat bad landlords, which is perfectly reasonable. However, based on the fact that pretty much every single landlord would consider themselves to be a good landlord (even the delusional ones), perhaps a carrot instead of the stick would work better when trying to appeal to that group of voters.

As there is an obvious lack of social housing / council houses in many regions of the UK a policy which would put landlords at ease would make sense in my opinion. A few ideas would be

Reinstating the 10% Wear & Tear allowance which the Conservatives removed.


Offering a tax relief (similar to that of Rent A Room Relief) for anyone who decides to rent their property through the local council.

Local councils tend to offer lower rents but better security for landlords as it is less likely to be left vacant (due to the need).

But due to the fact there are good landlords out there, having something incentivising Landlords to rent through the council should be considered. It's good to tackle the bad landlords but if all landlords feel as if they are being attacked then there will be a lot of additional votes lost even if they would not be affected.

I hope this message gives someone an idea and it will be considered for this election.

Disclosure I am not a Landlord, just someone who hears people's concerns day in day out.

Christian Bulpitt

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