The skills and rewarding careers we will need

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The Further Education system requires overhauling and to be adequately funded. Key skills and learning need to be identified for essential health and social care professions, industries, food production, forestry, animal husbandry and the Green New Deal programmes. A regional network of these key learning establishments need to be invested in to provide the re- skilling opportunities for our communities and future workforces.

Education and training for 'key' workers, now recognised as so important during the COVID-19 pandemic, must be researched and new programmes developed with clear rewarding career paths and progression built into all work. Support and re-skilling of workers in a time of high unemployment will be esssential for economic stability. It is important that all work should be valued and recognised by society.

Referring to: Early Years, Education and Skills

The Early Years, Education and Skills Policy Commission looks at issues relating to children’s wellbeing, development and care, as well as education training and skills from childhood through adulthood.

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