Submitting your idea

Submitting your idea is quick and easy. Here’s a quick guide to making a submission on the website.

You need to log in to make a submission: 

  • Labour Members can log in using the same details used to access MyLabour.
  • If you’re not a Member or don’t know these details, you can register as a guest. 

After you have logged in, find ‘Get involved’ in the grey bar at the top of the page and select ‘Make a Submission'

This takes you to the submission page, and you can fill in the form responses as follows:

  1. Title: Choose a title for your submission e.g. ‘My response to the health and social care system after coronavirus consultation'
  2. Commission: Each consultation paper has been produced by one of eight policy commissions; select the commission relevant to the document you want to respond to
  3. Commission topics: Each Policy Commission publishes a work plan every year with the topics it is asking for submissions on. Select the topic you want to submit to in the run up to the policy commission meeting on that topic, or select 'Other' if it is on a different subject
  4. Categories(Optional) Categories are key words included in your submission to identify any specific policy areas you have included in your submission e.g. 'Income Tax', 'Primary Schools'
  5. Content: You have up to 600 words to write your reply to the consultation
  6. Attachments: If your reply is longer than 600 words, you can write them up and attach them as a document
  7. ‘Post As’: Choose how you would like your name to appear at the bottom of your submission
  8. Organisations & CLPs: If you are replying on behalf of an organisation, or a CLP/BLP select the appropriate box.


Select submit and you are done. 

You will receive a confirmation email that your submission has been successfully uploaded and it will be posted online for other people to see and comment on. Your submission will also be sent to the relevant policy commission for discussion at future meeting.

Racist, sexist, homophobic or other abusive/offensive content or "trolling" is not permitted. Content deemed to fall into these categories may be deleted and the users posting it may be removed from the page.

Make your submission here

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Make your submission here

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