This year’s National Policy Forum (NPF) consultation has now closed, and the Policy Development Team would like to thank all those members, affiliates and other organisations who submitted their thoughts as part of the process.


We’ve had some 1,500 written submissions in total, ranging from proposals for reaching Net Zero, to ideas for how we make our communities safe, and thoughts on foreign policy in a rapidly changing world.


The consultation period also saw 400 members join our six online roundtables, where they were able to discuss policy ideas with one another and with leading members of the Labour frontbench: David Lammy, Wes Streeting, Olivia Blake, James Murray, Helen Hayes and Stephen Kinnock.


At the same time, the NPF commissions have continued to meet and hear evidence from experts in their field, with contributions from organisations as varied as Gingerbread, the Police Federation, the NHS Confederation, the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, the Resolution Foundation and the TUC.


NPF representatives from right across the labour movement have been engaged in the process, reading and commenting on submissions, questioning expert witnesses and exchanging ideas with party members in the online roundtables.


The NPF commissions will now reflect on all the submissions that have been made throughout the process, as well as the content of their various discussions, and these will inform this year’s NPF Annual Report.


The Report is in the process of being drafted, and once signed off will then be put to Annual Conference for approval. At that point, it will be considered as part of the policy programme that will be taken into next year’s full meeting of the NPF and ultimately the next General Election.


Thank you once again to everyone who has engaged in the consultation, in whatever manner. The NPF is Labour’s democratic policymaking process and its strength lies in the coming together of people from every part of our movement, contributing their ideas and debating the major policy issues of the day and in doing so helping to shape Labour’s next election-winning policy platform.


Remember that you can keep up to date with the NPF and policy development more broadly by following us on Twitter @labpolicyforum and using the hashtag #LabourPolicy.

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