We have published eight consultation documents on a range of areas and we want to hear views from as many people as possible. New ideas are vital if the party is to grow and develop – and we welcome your views and experiences.

The consultation is open until Wednesday 31 May.

All the submissions we receive will go to the appropriate policy commission who will consider your ideas before rewriting the documents ahead of a summer meeting of the National Policy Forum.

How to get involved?

As an individual

The best and easiest way to send in your ideas and join the discussion is on our online home of policy development, Labour Policy Form.

You can focus on one document or look at all eight, and you can answer as many or as few of the questions as you wish.

Take a look at the documents and submit your ideas here: policyforum.labour.org.uk/agenda-2020/commissions

At your CLP/Branch

You can ask your CLP if they will hold a discussion on one or two of the topics at a future meeting. You could also see if it would be possible to join up with other CLPs/branches nearby for a larger discussion.

Remember to submit feedback from the meetings here: policyforum.labour.org.uk/agenda-2020/commissions

Hold an event

You could speak to your regional office about any events they might be holding on the consultation. Or you could suggest holding one in your area and inviting local party members and supporters.

Your NPF Representatives are happy to help support events and attend meetings. You can find out who your NPF Representatives are and their contact details here: policyforum.labour.org.uk/agenda-2020/npf

If you have any questions please email us at policydevelopment@labour.org.uk

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