Jeremy Corbyn has today launched Labour’s manifesto with and for disabled people, outlining key policies that will improve the lives of millions of disabled people across the country.

The manifesto was produced following Labour’s policy development process, including our Disability Equality Roadshow, which involved extensive consultation with disabled people and their carers across the country.

In addition to Labour’s Disability Equality Roadshow events, the wide-ranging evidence received by,  and the consultation held by, the Work, Pensions and Equality Policy Commission has helped to inform and develop Labour’s comprehensive policies for disabled people.

The conversations held by the Commission underpin key pledges made in the manifesto, including a commitment to reverse cuts to disability support and to transform our social security system to one that is supportive and enabling.

The manifesto also commits the next Labour government to scrapping the punitive sanctions regime and replacing ineffective Work Capability Assessments. As well as setting out Labour’s plan to tackle the barriers facing disabled people and to build a society in which everyone has the same opportunities and choices.

Read Labour’s manifesto with and for disabled people here.

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