Labour is running a campaign throughout the summer, with a different theme each week, detailing our policy programme for a fairer and more equal Britain. During this campaign Labour Policy Forum wants to hear your ideas on the challenges we face and to help build on our progressive policies for the many, not the few.

This week is about the cost of living.

On Universal Credit: New analysis shows some families will be over £3,000 a year worse off because of falling real wages and cuts to Universal Credit. 

Labour is calling for the roll out to be stopped while urgent reform and redesign of Universal Credit is undertaken, making sure work always pays and that hardworking families are supported, creating a fair society.

On Commuting: The average commuter will now be paying £2,888 for their season ticket, £694 more than in 2010.

Labour would put passengers first by taking rail franchises into public ownership as they expire and cap fares at the Consumer Price Index to prevent inflation-busting fare rises.

On Living Standards: Wages are continuing to fall in real terms, and the UK is set to face the worst decade for household income growth since 1949, with OBR forecasts for household income growth at zero per cent this year.

A Labour government will stand up for all working people, implementing a Real Living Wage of £10 per hour by 2020? and pledge to protect 95 per cent of people from any rises in  VAT, National Insurance contributions or Income Tax.


What do you think?

We want you to get involved and help build on our manifesto pledges. By posting on our website you can give your ideas around the cost of living, share your experiences, or submit a new policy idea that you think should be addressed.

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