Labour has a strong record on rail. We invested more in the railways in real terms than any previous government. The next Labour government will put passengers first and bring franchises into public ownership as they expire. 

This announcement follows on from the work carried out by the National Policy Forum over the last few years. Labour will put rail passengers first by putting the brakes on rapidly increasing rail fares. With a Labour Government, passengers will on average save £1,014 on their rail season tickets over the next parliament, compared to the potential cost under a Tory Government. 

It was the previous Labour government that first unveiled plans for a second High Speed Rail line and the Crossrail 2 line, and these projects will continue to receive Labour support when we are in Government. Building on many discussions and submissions to the Commission, a future Labour government will deliver a ‘Crossrail for the North’ connecting Liverpool to Hull and Newcastle. We will commit to reversing the decades of underinvestment in Northern transport infrastructure that have undermined the economic potential of the north of England. 

A Labour Government will: 

  • Bring private franchises into public ownership as they expire and also use break clauses to accelerate this process when this is in the interests of passengers and taxpayers. 
  • Create a new dynamic public operator where profits currently being made by private operators would be reinvested into cutting fares and infrastructure under Labour. 
  • Keep Network Rail in public hands. 
  • Labour will cap regulated fair rises at the Consumer Price Index (CPI), using the money saved through bringing rail franchises back into public ownership. As more services come into public ownership, greater amounts of savings become available, and Labour will aim to introduce further fare caps or reductions. 
  • We will continue with investment in HS2 and build a Crossrail for the North, Crossrail 2, extend HS2 to Scotland and expand our rail network by re-opening disused lines where there is a social and economic case to do so. 
  • We will invest to upgrade major and local train stations. We will also work to improve the accessibility and access for disabled passengers in around our stations. 
  • We will halt the expansion of Driver Only Operation and stop cuts to staff which jeopardise safety on our railway network and remove the independence of disabled passengers. 
  • We will ensure passenger groups and staff are included in the governance structure of a publicly owned railway, ensuring the passengers voice is heard and ensuring good industrial relations.


You can read more about Labour's transport commitments in our Manifesto here:

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