Labour has today published a new document by Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary, analysing the rights and investment at risk following the EU Referendum result.

Protecting Rights and Investment for our Communities assesses the legal rights and funding programmes which currently derive from Britain’s membership of the EU. 

While much attention is rightly focused on what future relationship Britain will have with Europe in a post-Brexit world, particularly in relation to the free movement of goods, services and people, we must also act to protect the rights and investment which could in future be left at the whim of a Tory government.

As a first step, this interim paper sets out a large number of areas where rights and investment are at risk, analyses the implications of losing them, and makes the indisputable case for their retention.

Read the paper here.

Labour is inviting members, affiliates and the wider public to share their views on Brexit through our consultation on Responding to the EU Referendum Result. The referendum should not be the end of the conversation. Whichever way you voted, and whatever your feelings about the result, we want to hear from you about your priorities for how Labour should respond, and how the country can move forward.

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