NPF Policy Commission work plans

In late 2020 the National Policy Forum (NPF) agreed work plans for 2020-21 for each of the eight policy commissions.

What do the work plans include?

These work plans outline the work of each of the commissions in the run up to Annual Conference 2021, including:

- The number of commission meetings to be held to discuss submissions received 

- The structure of these meetings and how often they will be held

- The main topic of discussion at these meetings 

- Evidence sessions taking place to draw upon the best available external expertise 

- Roundtable events to engage stakeholders, members and affiliates from across the Labour movement 

- Any additional consultations to be held with the Shadow Cabinet 

All eight of the policy commissions will meet in May 2021 to agree a Consultation document for summer 2021, and again in July to agree the final annual report for the year. Outside of this, the commissions have agreed their own separate work plans, designed to consider the most important issues Britain currently faces and engage all parts of the Labour movement. 

How can members and affiliates contribute their views to this process?

The topics that each of the policy commissions have agreed upon are outlined below, alongside the month during which the commission will meet to discuss each topic. Whilst the NPF considers submissions in all policy areas, all year round, we are asking members and supporters to focus on submitting ideas to these topics in advance of the commission meetings. Please submit your ideas by the 1st of the month. The submissions will then be considered by each of the commissions at the meeting dedicated to that particular topic.

You can make your submissions on these topics hereWhen making a submission please remember to select the topic in the drop down box. If you would like to submit a topic outside of those outlined below, please select 'other'. Don't forget to use the category tags, too. If you would like more guidance on how to make a submission, please see our guide here.  

We look forward to hearing your comments and ideas on these important topics to help build our policy platform. If you have any questions about this process of the work plans, please email us at

 Early Years, Education and Skills 


- Mar 2021: The attainment gap 

- May/Jun 2021: Child poverty 

- Jul 2021: Diversity in the school curriculum

 Economy, Business and Trade 


- Apr 2021: Insecure work and the coronavirus pandemic

- May 2021: Rebalancing Britain 

- Jun 2021: Industrial stategy, innovation and green industrial strategy 

- Jul 2021: Rebuilding business and corporate governance 

 Environment, Energy and Culture


- Jan 2021: Just transition 

- Feb 2021: Rebuilding creative industries after the pandemic

Policy papers

- Dec 2020: Findings of Green Recovery report presented for discussion

- Jan 2021: Presentation of findings from Our Digital Future Consultation 

 Health and Social Care


- Jan 2021: The impact of Covid-19 (including mental health)

- Mar 2021: Securing a sustainable future for social care

- Apr 2021: Supporting wellbeing and tackling mental ill-health 

- May 2021: Tackling health inequalities

- Jun 2021: Recruiting, retaining and supporting the workforce

 Housing, Local Government and Transport


- Dec 2020: Local Government finance 

- Feb 2021: Council / social / affordable housing 

- Mar 2021: Green transport 

- Jun 2021: Cost of the Private Rented Sector 



- Nov 2020: Integrated Review 

- Dec 2020: COP26 and Climate Justice 

- Apr 2021: Defending working class interests and the global trade union movement 

- May 2021: International law 

- Jun 2021: Veterans and the Armed Forces Covenant 

Equalities discussions

- Nov 2020: Chinese for Labour and/or BAME Labour 

- Dec 2020: Disability Labour 

- Apr 2021: Feminist Foreign Policy 

- May 2021: LGBT Labour 

- Jun 2021: Faith groups 

 Justice and Home Affairs 


- May 2021: Brexit 

- Jun 2021: Immigration 

- Jul 2021: Electoral reform 

Equalities discussions 

- Jun 2021: Disproportionality in the criminal justice system 

- Jul 2021: Violence against women and girls 

 Work, Pensions and Equality 


- Jan 2021: Disproportionate impact of Covid-19

- Mar 2021: Future of Work

- Apr 2021: Pensions 

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