Emma Ann Hardy

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(CLP) Yorkshire and Humber Region

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I am currently a Town Councillor for Labour in Hessle, the local branch secretary, the Women's Officer at the CLP and the CLP NPF representative for Yorkshire and Humber.

I have two young girls and I recently started a new career as a full time trade union organiser after leaving my post as a local Infant Teacher. I have a clear bias for anything Northern and I am very proud to be an elected NPF representative for Yorkshire and Humber.

My aims, amongst others, are to help Labour reconnect with voters they lost in 2015, protect the trade union link, call for greater investment in education and increase communication between the policy forums and the wider membership. The Labour Party can be and should be the party for everyone.

In June I became a member of the Socialist Education Association's executive. I am keen to involve as many other "Labour educators" in this long standing, Labour Party affiliated and established organisation.

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