The Labour Party highly values our hardworking NHS staff and that’s why our manifesto puts forward proposals to make sure that staff are properly supported to provide the best possible quality of services for patients.

Labour’s three point pledge has built upon the work carried out by the National Policy Forum in the area of health and care.  This year, the Health and Care Policy Commission received contributions from members and stakeholders who felt that equipping NHS staff with the resources they need to ensure patients get the care they deserve was a priority.  Labour’s manifesto includes bold measures to improve conditions for staff working in our health service, strongly reflecting the views we heard from members and stakeholders, including the promise to reintroduce NHS bursaries to ensure that we have enough caring and highly skilled nurses to care for patients in the future.

A Labour Government will:

  • Put safe staffing levels into law. This new legislation will ensure that patient safety always takes priority over financial considerations when staffing levels are being set in England’s NHS.
  • Increase pay to a sustainable level which reflects the complexity of the work carried out. This will include dropping the 1 per cent NHS pay cap and returning to public sector pay agreed through collective bargaining and the evidence of independent pay review bodies.
  • Fully fund education which prepares our NHS staff to be the best in the world. This will include reintroducing the NHS bursary.


You can read Labour's Manifesto commitments on Health and Social Care here: 

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